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A thing of beauty is a joy forever

- John Keats
Many people are fascinated by the endless variety of wood species and their inexhaustible richness in colours, textures and patterns. This is nature's art which captivates us over and over again.All creative and design possibilities given by wood can be realized to perfection through more exciting state of the art veneer production. And we at CP Plywood strive to achieve preeminence in the art of manufacturing the nature's wooden art.


Professional Profile

CP Plywood, a flagship brand of Ganpati Wood Products, Haryana (INDIA), an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company with all products ISI Certified is the sole Manufacturer of customized, Natural Exotic Veneers in the Northern India. We stock a wide range of Natural, Smoked, Mix Match, Exotic, rare veneers imported from all over the globe with utmost care & selection keeping in view the extra-ordinary taste of clients. The emphasis on the quality of our veneers & their Uniqueness & Exotic Character make our veneers an emblem of Pride for its owner. Our tag line 'Creative Products Elegantly Tough' indicates the vision of the company very clearly. We also excel in Laser cut technology used for making customer specific design.

All the products are manufactured at ultra modern, fully equipped & well managed factory, as per norms laid by Bureau of Indian Standards. CP products find a greater acceptance with corporate, public & private sector companies and institution with a nation wide dealer network.

About Veneer

Wood is the oldest raw material known to mankind. Simple and primitive wooden tools have been used as far back as we can track back our roots. Long before our ancestors learned to use stones and metals they used wood. It is a great insulator, does not conduct electricity and is relatively easy to process. It does not deteriorate quickly and shows long durability with proper treatment. Veneer is a thin sheet of wood obtained by slicing, peeling or cutting from a log, flitch or alike. It can be obtained from hardwoods and softwoods. The thickness of one sheet is constant from end to end and can vary from .25 mm to 3 mm or more.

Veneer An optimal use of limited resource

Wood is limited natural resource. Superior logs that are suited for the veneer production are only available in limited quantities. The production of veneer is one way of utilizing wood to the best of its abilities.

Example: One North American hardwood logs with 4 meters length or 13 feet length can yield up to 1500 sq, meters or about 16000 sq. feet of veneer. These are potentially 1500 sq. meters of surface material for outstanding and high quality furniture, wall paneling, or other fine surface application.

Facts…. Why do you buy veneer?

1. Veneer is ecological.-When young trees grow they release large amount of oxygen (O2) as compared to carbon dioxide (CO2), whereas older trees release less amount of oxygen, Continuous felling and deforestation create the balance and thus have a positive impact on the green house effect.

2. Veneer is economical.-Veneer is the most economic way to use the valuable resource timber. The surface of 16 bedroom cabinets can be produced by the veneers of 1 cubic meter of wood. Later on this wooden furniture can be easily recycled and used for chipboards.

3. Veneer enable durability.- Because wood has a tendency to “work”, it splits or warps. Furniture made of veneered MDF-boards and plywood guarantees more stability and durability.

4. Veneer is versatile and offers variety..- More than 200 species worldwide can be used to produce veneer. Different production and splicing techniques reveal the flowery or striped veneer texture. It can be combined with many other materials like glass, steel or other wood species, offering unlimited design possibilities.

5. Veneer is unique..- Like any tree, any piece of veneer is unique and absolutely individual

6. Veneer is precious.- Veneer gives simple things of everyday life a valuable and individual character.

7. Veneer is expressive.- Veneer creates atmosphere. Any veneered object, furniture or interior decoration reflects the owner’s style and taste from functional to extravagant.

8. Veneer offers comfort of living..- Veneer is real wood. All human sense feel it. The warmth of wooden surface creates feeling of wellness.

9. Veneer is genuine wood.- It is not and can never be an imitation of wood.



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